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All of the services I provide requires one critical element, communication. as technology advances and business operations become more & more complex, it's hard to fathom that we would have a difficult time communicating with one another. Surprisingly it happens, a LOT. small businesses and large enterprises alike suffer from it. So as a first step, allow me to establish a line of communication with you directly and personally. Let's start here you can also use the lines of communication below

a bit about me
I’ve been in business for myself since I was 16, born in Manila Philippines, grew up in San Francisco California. Since 2004 I started exploring opportunities here in Manila, and Finally in 2007 I made the daring jump to expand my business here in Manila, diving into Real Estate Development, Import Export, M&A and many others.


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Manila: +63.890.7378
California: 1.650.855.4817
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It all starts with you, the eureka moment where things line up and you decide it’s time.

it’s time to break the mould and venture out where the limits are only created by you. At this point, it’s crucial to have the correct guidance, mentorship, or even just the right example to push you further into action and keep that fire flaming hot.

As business development consultants, like many others, I enjoy these moments where thought is moved to action to undertaking to fruition.

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