Getting up on a Monday morning was probably the worst thing to wake up too, at least for her. Anna was not a morning person, in fact anything associated with AM would make her shrivel up into a corner and sleep.

School didn’t help either, the one that she went to was a wasteland of intelligence.
People might say she was ‘overdramatic’ or ‘thinking to highly over herself.’ But this is when she would remember a time when one of her classmates thought she was pregnant because she had kissed a boy, and this was when she was in 8th grade.


It was like the monster her mother had always told her about in her stories. It slowly inched up the house, consuming everything that was touched by it, fire was a monster in her eyes. And it consumed everything she loved.

She was wondering aimlessly, not knowing where to go or who to go too. She was walking along the moist cobblestone that lead away from her home, the same cobblestone path that led the the markets her and her mother loved so much.
Everything was the same. The people were packing up their stalls, saying goodbye to their family members, none of them knew that good people died today, and at a young age she learned that the world goes on. With or without you. Read More...



Her eyes scanned the pages of the book she loved so much, the same emotion washed over her like a wave. But soon disappearing as she turned the next page.

“How many times have you read that book?” Her friend asked, taking a huge bite from a cake they decided to split.
“How many times have you eaten that cake?” She retorted, giving her a sly smile in reply.
“I asked you first”